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Wiki is a word in Hawaiian that means "Fast" or "Quick".

In the context of the web, wiki means a web site that is easy to add, modify, or delete content using a normal web browser.  Another characteristic is the ease of linking or connecting those pages together.

In its purest form, a wiki would allow anyone to view and edit pages.  (A truly free community!)  But in its current popular form, people need to log in to identify themselves and after a "trust" period are allowed to edit content.

Wiki's tend to be very popular and even has the wiki's to end all wiki's called "Wikipedia".  (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page)

This system uses a version of the Juniper Labs LLC Wiki.  This wiki is similar to others in that it is intended to allow quick creation of pages and content.  For example, to enter a new page, you just need to search for a topic.  If the topic doesn't exist, you can create a new page.  (If your options are set right, the system will automatically go into "creation" mode.)

The Juniper Labs LLC wiki also allows you to create links to other topic pages by just using a set of double brackets ([) around a keyword.

The Juniper Labs LLC wiki is different in that it allows the full text editing capabilities of your web browser so that you don't need to use most of the special "markup" that most Wiki software uses.

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